Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Best Ways To Make Money With Mobile Devices

The best ways to make money with mobile devices aren't being exploited to their fullest yet as the technology is so new, relatively. But, mobile devices have so much potential for making money even now that it behooves us to take a look at some of the best ways to do so, so let's do that here, bearing in mind that we're barely scratching the surface here.

Blog Your Way To Wealth

If you own a blog, you can use your mobile device to create new content and posts to keep your visitors updated on what's going on with your business.

If you can post directly to your blog from your device, so much the better. If not, you can just create your post using your device's text editor and upload it from your device to your blog at a later time.

Spread The Word With Video

Video has become one of the best ways to promote practically anything these days, and is a widely accepted method of marketing an internet business. So, if you're an internet business owner, and you own a mobile phone or device equipped with a video recorder (and which mobile device doesn't come with a video recorder nowadays), fire up your video recorder and make a short video promoting some aspect or other of your internet business.

While your video should be professional, it doesn't need to be some kind of elaborately staged Hollywood epic, but, as with all content, it should provide something of value for the viewer, whether that be a useful tip, a news item, a product update or introduction, etc.

Once it's done and you're happy with the results, upload your video to YouTube or one of the many other video channels available online, adding a link back to your blog or web site, and watch as you and your business become overnight online video stars!

Go Mobile With Your Web Site

So, you've got this all-singing, all-dancing web site with flash videos, animation, audio, etc., on it and it looks absolutely fantastic on a computer, where it loads in next to no time. Great! But, try loading that same site on your mobile phone, and you may still be sitting there waiting for it to load this time tomorrow.

Well, that may be fine for you, but most visitors using mobile technology to access your site won't be that forgiving; they'll be off searching for another site that gets them where they want to be as quickly as possible, leaving yours a distant memory, quite possibly one they'll never bother going back to.

What to do? The answer is to build another version of your site specifically designed for use on mobile technology with all the fancy, time- and memory-consuming stuff (flash video, etc.) removed, leaving just the bare essentials needed to get your message and your intention for the user across. You should see vastly improved results as far as conversions are concerned.

Mobile devices and their technology are in their infancy, and the methods used to generate income using them will explode in the future. But, for now, these are some of the best ways to make money with mobile devices.

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