Sunday, April 29, 2012

Secret Audio and Video Transmission in a Few Inches' Size!

In the modern world, where technology is everywhere, being in touch and in control is an absolute must. There are situations in which, in order to be in control of the events, one must be in touch with others while they are unaware. For example, think about a cheating wife or husband, a confidential business transaction, a crucial political meeting or a dangerous police operation.

In situations like these, revealing our presence would not allow us to obtain the information we need. And in situations like these, our best friend would be a small device, smaller than a cigarette pack, which in such a small size includes a microcamera and a miniaturized microphone, through which it can record images and sounds with extreme clarity. And the best thing is that it also includes a SIM card for UMTS transmission, which is used to transmit in real time any recorded sounds and images, with a normal UMTS phone call.

Just a few years ago, mobile phones were heavy and expensive. Nowadays, the core of a mobile phone, that is, its SIM card, can comfortably be embedded in a miniaturized bug, without being physically connected to a "real" handset, while still performing all its functions, without being noticed by others, who will keep living their normal life, revealing you all their secrets. In a few words, you have a full audio and video surveillance package at your disposal, all within a few inches size. The nice thing is that this kind of micro bugs is not as expensive as one might think at a first glance. Miniaturizing of audio and video eavesdropping technologies has brought along a series of advantages, along with a sensible reduction in production costs, and of course in end user prices.

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