Thursday, July 26, 2012

Is Email Marketing Becoming the Marketing of the Past Because of Mobile?

Gmail: research from Return Path suggested Gmail ended 2010 with some 193 million users. This is just one email provider in the world of the internet. Gmail users may be more active, however. For example, email service provider Mail Chimp publishes the total number of emails they send to each of the major email address providers. The results for July 2011 saw Hotmail and Gmail addresses as the most "popular" in mailing lists, closely followed by Yahoo! Mail, with AOL way behind. I think the reason for this is because they are Free and you can get more than one when one of them get's to much you just stop using it.

Now this is just the start of where this will take us in the future because of mobile and how companies are racing to be the number one mobile connection and marketing portal in the world. All over the globe companies are taking advantage of the latest and greatest changes in technology that will move your business faster, more direct and to the most used media's today. The fast growing media today used to reach more people in the best way is through video. Yes ever since the creation of the television people can embrace visual and sound more than written words. This is seen just by the creation of a companies like Amazon and the marketing of Visual and audio books are the biggest sellers today. Also the creation of sites like I-tunes, and other sites on the internet that bring music, audio, video and more to the world with one click have become some of the biggest income producing companies on the planet. Just I-tunes alone has hit 500 million downloaded tune, books, and video's all for mobile devices.

In business it is becoming more common not to have their customers or their employees travel all over the world when they can have a world conference on a computer and have all of the same impact as being in the same place except for the sense of touch and smell. They have not figure this one and smell out yet but I will be somewhere in the world some technology company is trying to figure this one out.

Now for marketing for the small to average size business that do not have the large marketing budgets of the big corporations there are solutions. Technology companies realize they can make more money playing to the back bones companies of the world the small business than all the big companies combined. Simple or complex the programs are becoming more multi-tasking than ever before you can now not only send email to your customer but you can incorporate high impact and emotional pieces with video into it all without having to create a single piece of information.

The business owner today can implement a marketing campaign with just a few clicks of the button on their computer or their mobile device and now all of this can be sent to computers all over the globe or too mobile devices around the world all with one or two click. Let's take just on medium out their which we hear a lot about on the news or the internet "Social Media" I.e. Facebook, Twitter, My space, just to name a few there are actually hundreds of social media site on the internet. But let's just focus on this is the size of a country having twice as many members than the entire population of the United State of America. Today Facebook has over 600 million people worldwide and growing at around 100,000 per day at last estimate.

With the growth of Facebook and other social media sites they are all bring in two aspects that cannot be ignored today 'Video and Mobile" these two media combine the two most powerful forms of marketing ever created on the planet. Let's just take video first the third most visited site on the world is all about video. The number on part of You-tube is broadcast me which is where you can go and click with a camera and broadcast a video of you and what you are doing now. The world is now and will continue to be and instant gratification world we all want it now and we want it faster and faster than ever before in history.

When a Business owner combines Video and Print all in one and then places in on a mobile platform they transform their marketing into the fastest most visual and popular form of marketing today and it can reach more people in the shortest time frame ever. Want to see how this can be accomplished all you have to do is watch a video on some of these videos have had millions of views in a single week and the best part is once it is up there it is there for more people to watch it whenever and tell their friends about it. This is what is called going viral! Want your business to go viral or just deliver better quality content with more action and attraction than create a mobile video and tell your story to the world.

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