Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Best Ways To Make Money With Mobile Devices

The best ways to make money with mobile devices aren't being exploited to their fullest yet as the technology is so new, relatively. But, mobile devices have so much potential for making money even now that it behooves us to take a look at some of the best ways to do so, so let's do that here, bearing in mind that we're barely scratching the surface here.

Blog Your Way To Wealth

If you own a blog, you can use your mobile device to create new content and posts to keep your visitors updated on what's going on with your business.

If you can post directly to your blog from your device, so much the better. If not, you can just create your post using your device's text editor and upload it from your device to your blog at a later time.

Spread The Word With Video

Video has become one of the best ways to promote practically anything these days, and is a widely accepted method of marketing an internet business. So, if you're an internet business owner, and you own a mobile phone or device equipped with a video recorder (and which mobile device doesn't come with a video recorder nowadays), fire up your video recorder and make a short video promoting some aspect or other of your internet business.

While your video should be professional, it doesn't need to be some kind of elaborately staged Hollywood epic, but, as with all content, it should provide something of value for the viewer, whether that be a useful tip, a news item, a product update or introduction, etc.

Once it's done and you're happy with the results, upload your video to YouTube or one of the many other video channels available online, adding a link back to your blog or web site, and watch as you and your business become overnight online video stars!

Go Mobile With Your Web Site

So, you've got this all-singing, all-dancing web site with flash videos, animation, audio, etc., on it and it looks absolutely fantastic on a computer, where it loads in next to no time. Great! But, try loading that same site on your mobile phone, and you may still be sitting there waiting for it to load this time tomorrow.

Well, that may be fine for you, but most visitors using mobile technology to access your site won't be that forgiving; they'll be off searching for another site that gets them where they want to be as quickly as possible, leaving yours a distant memory, quite possibly one they'll never bother going back to.

What to do? The answer is to build another version of your site specifically designed for use on mobile technology with all the fancy, time- and memory-consuming stuff (flash video, etc.) removed, leaving just the bare essentials needed to get your message and your intention for the user across. You should see vastly improved results as far as conversions are concerned.

Mobile devices and their technology are in their infancy, and the methods used to generate income using them will explode in the future. But, for now, these are some of the best ways to make money with mobile devices.

Secret Audio and Video Transmission in a Few Inches' Size!

In the modern world, where technology is everywhere, being in touch and in control is an absolute must. There are situations in which, in order to be in control of the events, one must be in touch with others while they are unaware. For example, think about a cheating wife or husband, a confidential business transaction, a crucial political meeting or a dangerous police operation.

In situations like these, revealing our presence would not allow us to obtain the information we need. And in situations like these, our best friend would be a small device, smaller than a cigarette pack, which in such a small size includes a microcamera and a miniaturized microphone, through which it can record images and sounds with extreme clarity. And the best thing is that it also includes a SIM card for UMTS transmission, which is used to transmit in real time any recorded sounds and images, with a normal UMTS phone call.

Just a few years ago, mobile phones were heavy and expensive. Nowadays, the core of a mobile phone, that is, its SIM card, can comfortably be embedded in a miniaturized bug, without being physically connected to a "real" handset, while still performing all its functions, without being noticed by others, who will keep living their normal life, revealing you all their secrets. In a few words, you have a full audio and video surveillance package at your disposal, all within a few inches size. The nice thing is that this kind of micro bugs is not as expensive as one might think at a first glance. Miniaturizing of audio and video eavesdropping technologies has brought along a series of advantages, along with a sensible reduction in production costs, and of course in end user prices.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

iPod Integration - Today's Hottest Trend in Car Audio Customization

With 150 million iPods sold (as of April 2008), it's no wonder that iPod integration is one of the biggest trends in car audio today. These millions of iPod users simply want a way to easily listen to their music collection while in the driver's seat. But until recently, there hasn't been a truly good solution to the problem "How do I get my mp3s from my music player to my car stereo." FM transmission systems have been tried (and are still available for those who don't mind mediocre sound), but offered only so-so performance. So when iPod integration systems became readily available in the last several years, sales have gone through the roof! If you're ready to enjoy quality sound and easy operation of your mp3 device while on the road, iPod integration is probably the solution you need.

iPod integration is the best way to connect your mp3 player with your car stereo for top-notch sound quality. Unlike the FM transmitter iPod connection systems of the past, new iPod integration technology directly interfaces your music player with your stereo: you get easy operation right on your deck as well as high-quality sound from your vehicle's speakers.

Enjoying your music collection in your car or truck shouldn't have to be a hassle: tangled connection wires, knotted headphones, and staticky transmission are all things of the past with the new iPod integration technology. Some integration systems even allow you to access video stored on your iPod and play it on your in car video screens!

While some newer model vehicles are available with factory mp3 integration systems, your local mobile electronics shop can retrofit your car or truck with an iPod integration system. Call or visit their showroom to learn more about the various models and brands of iPod integration systems and which is right for your vehicle. Some drivers find the music management interface of several iPod integration systems unwieldy, so be sure to demo available systems at your car electronics dealer, if possible. This will help you get an idea of which systems are most convenient to operate and best suited for your listening style.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Why Get Caught Up In Wires? Go Wireless With Your Audio

Tangles, knots and snags are things all too familiar among music listeners who use headphones, whether on the go or in house. And if you haven't been caught up in wires yet, I ask "how have you been avoiding them?"

Accessibility to music, at anytime and anywhere, has been implemented and expanded at a tremendous rate in the past few years. Technologically, the music industry and their affiliates became acutely aware of their 'up to speed' target market and evolved into a rather tech-savvy, mobilized machine.

Around every street corner, little shop nooks and amidst the swarm of public transportation, the iPod revolution is thriving; wires are everywhere. With this revolution's own pulse, it's almost impossible not to tap into the booming innovations currently offered. But, before you join in on the current beating of this iPod and headphone drum, consider your options: dealing with wires or roaming free.

Tangles, Knots and Snags

Headphones with wires, it's the one thing about making music mobile that's a bit constricting. And when they're not tugging and pulling from inside your coat or pants pocket, they're dangling loosely, prone to catch a passing finger, plant or pedestrian. And who wants the hassle of dealing with a random snag when you're on the go or in a rush?

There are some advantages to being wired though:

  • Connections Are Definite and Clear - You know when and if you're connected to your iPod or music player. And if there's an issue where you hear nothing, an unplugging probably occurred and you obviously know how to fix it.
  • No Digital Connections To Rely On - Although digital connections for wireless headphones allot no tangles and free-roaming, they're not always that reliable. Many things are possible to go wrong with digital connections: a connection can be limited in it's range, can fade out or just completely drop. Whereas, with wired headphones, they're mobile everywhere and reliant solely on connection to the headphone jack on your music playing device.

Wired headphones get the job done and the sound quality is stellar, but, why wear a noose? Why not opt for something less attached; why not roam a while, wire-free?

Roaming Free

Lacking wires, you'll be able to move about freely without worry of disconnecting from you headphone jack. This wireless capability is thanks to an innovation called "Bluetooth," a wireless technology utilizing a short-range communications system intended to substitute cables and wires connecting portable and/or fixed electronic devices. With such a technologically-sound invention, the options to weigh and consider are intriguing.

Some obvious advantages with wireless audio:

  • Goodbye, Cables and Unsightly Messes - No longer will you have to deal with cables in connecting to your music playing devices, nor look at a thick mass of wires, plugs and cables. Farewell and good riddance!
  • High Quality Digital Connections - Varying on your wireless audio equipment and headphones, frequencies will differ in quality. But, for the most part, digital connections provide top notch frequencies to link to. Some advanced wireless headphones actually use a technology called Adaptive Frequency Hopping -AFH- which involves the headphones doing the work for you in selecting the best channels; they will search for, find and adapt exclusively to pristine channels.
  • Complete Diversity and Mobility - Whether you'd prefer using wireless headphones for strictly mobile music players or just for at home purposes (such as TV, radio and home theaters), they're the most convenient luxury since sliced bread. Being able to watch TV at home and mute sound for others, to head out for a run around town with music just for your ears or being able to listen to your music player, wherever and whenever, without the struggle of combating with wires, well, it's truly a liberating experience. The options are endless and the mobility limitless.

Don't get tied down by headphone or audio equipment wires anymore. Cut the cord and break free; let your audio experience be fulfilling, not maddening. If you were curious about the options between wired and wireless audio options, specifically pertaining to headphones, you can now choose which option is best suited for you. Choose the noose or get loose.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Take Your Favorite Movies on the Road With in Car Video

Ten years ago, in car video was still just a dream, one of those "if only we could..." desires. But today, mobile video is among the hottest trends in motor vehicles. Both luxury and more mainstream cars and trucks have factory-installed car DVD players as options, but you don't actually have to buy a new vehicle to experience the exciting realm of mobile video. Your area car audio shop can install an aftermarket car video system for affordable performance and great looks.

While there are a huge number of options in the actual equipment of your car video set-up-from screens to DVD players to gaming inputs-you essentially have two choices: OEM-look or exotic. The OEM look is a great option for family cars and parents looking to entertain the kids without spending huge bucks. This type of mobile video system looks like it came stock from the factory, and usually involves a dash-mounted or fold-down video monitor.

Exotic car video systems tend to be a little more extreme, involving multiple monitors, more innovative screen mounting options (sun visors, headrests, and trunks are all popular candidates), and even custom fiberglass and lighting. More popular among mobile electronics aficionados, exotic mobile video set-ups can be out of this world!

Visit your local car audio retailer to learn more about in car video and your current vehicle. Most shops are more than happy to help design a system that suits your needs and your car or truck. From picking out the car electronics that will bring you top-quality performance to MECP-certified professional installation, your mobile electronics store can hook you up with today's best in mobile video.